Values & Vision

We focus on innovative solutions to connect our target markets, keeping in mind at all times social and environmental responsibility. The sum of our efforts, we believe, is powerfully valuable. We believe that energy security is compatible with environmental stewardship and our projects enable a greater renewable energy market. Our unique role as an independent pan-European provider of interconnection or infrastructure can deliver energy efficient solutions. Our projects result in lower cost, diverse electricity generation market access, benefiting communities and economies, while minimising our impact on the environment. Europagrid embraces an unwavering commitment to a sustainable business strategy focused on creating long-term value and projects of strategic importance.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a global leader in the development of long-term infrastructure to enable the future of energy and extend its global reach.

Our Value

We are building the future through ambitious energy infrastructure projects. We are also creating the conditions that will generate tomorrow’s game changing innovations by developing our people. Entrepreneurial attitude, investment and anticipation are at the very heart of how we are taking it further.

Our Mission

We contribute to the future of energy by building the missing links as a foundation for generations to come and enable innovative smart grid deployment. Through our strategy we aim to create a distinctive platform for value growth over the long-term and build a strong portfolio of energy assets. We maintain that focus whether faced with the biggest of challenges or the smallest of details.

Value Drivers

Offshore & Interconnectors

Europagrid has taken early leading positions in European offshore transmission and interconnected development in the belief that the future of European wind energy will be largely in offshore.


Europagrid is finding value and identifying opportunities for new interconnection where none already exists or where there are known and identified bottlenecks. Europagrid fully embraces the EU regulatory regime and we use this as an advantage for our project pipeline.


The combination of Europagrid’s development capability with the specialist development knowledge of our technical and marine partners has driven to be an extremely effective model in delivering interconnected projects ready to be constructed in Europe.

Market Entry

Europagrid enters carefully chosen markets based on detailed evaluation of the regulatory support regime, the relative maturity of cross-border trading within the market and an understanding of the key drivers of capacity congestion and wholesale electricity prices within the market.