Smart Technology

The grid of yesterday and today is rapidly changing. New strategies for the generation, transmission and distribution of energy promise greater efficiency and reliability. At the core of this transformation is the smart grid technology that enables integration of new energy resources. Development of smart grid is one of the cornerstones for a sustainable future.

European Commission has envisaged for smart grids to be the backbone of the future decarbonised power system. They will enable the integration of vast amounts of both on-shore and off-shore renewable energy and electric vehicles, while maintaining availability for conventional power generation and power system adequacy.

Introducing smart metering technology is the first step in building smart grids. Europagrid provides high-end smart grid assets with low costs, high performance and long life for energy efficiency management, smart home energy management and demand response.

Key Advantages

  • Energy Consumption & Pollution Reduction
  • Energy Production Efficiency Increase
  • Consumer’s Active Participation in the ‘Energy Cycle’
  • Grid Management Cost Reduction
  • Dynamic Market Energy Management (opening the market and leveraging to new business models and value chains)
  • Renewable Sources & Electric Vehicle Deployments
  • Virtual & Actual Energy Storage Deployments
  • Reliability Increase
  • Resiliency Increase Against Terrorists Attack & Natural Disaster
  • Electricity Theft Prevention
  • Transparency & Competition Increase in the Electricity Market
  • Better Monitoring & Control Opportunities to Maintain Stability of the Electricity Grid