Europagrid projects interconnect the electricity transmission grids of predominantly EU countries, connecting electricity generated offshore to European customers. Our projects create a super-strong, robust network around Europe that allows renewable generators to move and trade their power to numerous markets. Europagrid’s development pipeline is paramount in helping to create a single EU electricity market and increase renewable energy production.

We have a strong pipeline of new cross-border interconnector opportunities and smart grid deployments identified and are well placed to capitalise on them by leveraging our existing reputation, business model, power trading relationships and supply chain network. With our unique knowledge of the regulatory framework and procedures, we are efficient at obtaining approvals and finding innovative solutions, and thus identify and develop projects much faster than our peers.




+30 GW



Our Projects Provide Benefits to the EU

We work in close partnership with all our stakeholders to ensure that all of these benefits combine to bring us closer to a global sustainable future.

Security of Supply

Through our interconnectors we can provide much needed security of supply. Energy tariffs remain stable.

Increase in Competition

Our interconnectors create new inroads into foreign markets. This allows new electricity companies to compete in new markets.

Enabling of Renewable Energy

Interconnectors are key to unlocking the potential of renewable energy. This will, in turn, increase the amount of available capacity without increasing CO2 emissions.

Optimisation of Existing Power Plants

Our technology enables existing power plants to work more efficiently. This is hugely important in terms of environmental protection.

Projects Identification

Our projects’ development and routing details are subject to high commercial sensitivity. Our team is working on a pipeline of projects that fall within these categories:

Europe Internal Interconnectors
Eastern Europe — Russia Interconnectors
Near Europe Intercontinental Interconnectors
Long-Range Global Interconnectors