NARI Group, Technology Partner Video

We have developed a strong global network of partners that share our vision and understand our commitments, both as a business with economic obligations and a company playing a pivotal role in reliably delivering power, energy security and trading opportunities. Maintaining a strong local presence, connecting with communities, supporting local markets, sharing our combined knowledge and resources with our partners are all part of the process. Our partnerships create a supply chain providing a range of inputs to deliver fit for purpose solutions.

Research Institutes

We leverage the significant research expertise of research institutes and their extensive partner networks in terms of cutting edge teaching and R&D in areas such as renewable energy, sustainability, green finance, ICT, big data / smart cities and sensor technology amongst others.

Environmental Groups

Consideration for the environment is foremost in our projects. Because our projects enable the development and transport of renewable energy, we work with organisations such as Greenpeace to support the drive for this increasingly vital resource.


We are constantly seeking to increase efficiency, considering every aspect of the project development value-chain. Manufacturers can provide us with competitive cost benefits in project costs and time frames.

National TSOs

National grid operators are instrumental in our development process. Because we connect to the grid, we must secure the necessary permits. More importantly, however, our technology brings stability and ancillary benefits to the grid, making the relationship mutually beneficial.


As part of the EU directive, national regulators are obligated to address interconnection development in their own countries. We are working with the relevant regulators to ensure that our projects are in line with national interest and to secure their support in facilitating our development process. We work closely with them to submit exemption applications for each project.

Technical Partners

We employ state-of-the-art technology to build our interconnectors. Because we use a standardised technology template, we work with the best engineers to provide consistency in our approach for each project.