Our Business

Our business model provides a two-fold advantage:

  • Creates a vital core energy infrastructure for Europe
  • Provides investors with a genuine low-risk investment opportunity

We ensure

that value is maximised through the use of innovative financing arrangements.

We use

best in class turn-key Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and long-term capacity contracts.

We progress

projects through the relevant consenting process (which differs by region) up to pre-construction.

We continue

to identify commercially viable projects and routes, and securing options and licences over the most attractive sites in its chosen markets.

We Are Proud

The strategic nature of our chosen projects establishes a series of vital cross-border trading links, which offers long-term strategic value for future visions of the global energy grid. Recognising the significance of the long-term nature of its investments and the necessity for the ultimate consumer of the electricity to also benefit, Europagrid places significant emphasis on social and economic development, protecting and contributing to environmental sustainability, the security of the assets, and the health and safety of the communities in which it operates.

We have a reliable track record as a developer in licensing and permitting interconnectors in Europe. With our unique knowledge of the regulatory framework and procedures, we are efficient at obtaining approvals and finding innovative solutions, and thus progress new projects much faster than our peers.

Since inception, we have strategically expanded our international footprint to enter markets which provide us with compelling growth opportunities. The near-term focus will see us further consolidate our market leading positions in our existing markets as we leverage our network of local and international partners to exploit the opportunities on our horizon. The renewable energy revolution is bringing new technical challenges, but also new opportunities.

Our entrepreneurial approach translates into our confidence to embrace the unknown and the conviction to truly believe in what we do. That’s what we have built our business on and as a consequence have led the way in HVDC interconnector development in Europe. We have global expertise in the development of interconnectors, offshore power transmission assets and we are continuing to recruit the best industry talent.

Business Principles

Standardised & Proven Project Formula
Commitment to Time-Sensitivity
Asset Optimisation
Cost-Effective Strategy
Organic Growth Cycle
Highly Experienced Management Team
Minimal Environmental Impact