OHM is a new innovative company in smart energy networks and trading that provides smart home energy services and promotes energy efficiency. Its vision is to facilitate smart energy infrastructure that would enable everyone to benefit from smart solutions and would help eliminate global energy challenges.

Smart meters are the new generation digital electronic meters for residential, commercial and grid applications being rolled out across various parts of the world.

No More Estimate of Your Electricity Consumption

Would you want to estimate your health check results, weekly groceries, or measurements for the foundations of your new house? So why settle for an estimated energy bill? Pay only for what you really consume.

Control of Your Energy Bills

Take advantage of low daily electricity prices after being informed by a text message. Stop choosing electricity provider based on the packages they offer to everyone. Create your own package tailor-made to your needs. OHMeters make it easier for you to identify the situations where you are using a lot of energy and might want to make changes to reduce it.

Always Know What You Owe & Are Paying For

With your OHMeter, you will know exactly what you are spending in your local currency and in near real time. This means you can work out which appliances are guzzling the most energy, or see the difference it can make when you remember to turn the lights off.

Access Your Details Easily & Remotely

With our smart metering technology you can access your details from your mobile, tablet or computer anytime even from the other side of the world.

Smart grid technology heralds a completely new era for energy customers and a vast array of new energy services and business opportunities.

At OHM we want you to benefit from smart meters as early as possible, no matter where you are. We want to help everyone to understand smart meters and how to use their meter to get electricity under control.

We have a strong portfolio of smart metering deployments identified throughout the world, with the closest ones to be carried out in Central Europe and Canada.

With our smart technology we are committed to the highest standards of security. We provide technology that meets global high quality and safety standards and has the largest installed base globally.