Europe has reached a crossroads in terms of energy generation with the effect that it’s no longer sustainable for our energy resources to work in isolation. The importance of creating a single European energy market is obvious, which goes hand in hand with the utmost importance of electricity interconnectors. A single energy market could not exist without them.

However, the creation of a single market faces a major obstacle, as electricity interconnectors between the different European countries originally were never designed for cross border trading in the first place. In Europagrid we see this as an opportunity. Our unique approach, our visionary people and our operational expertise create a positive force in opening up new energy markets, ensuring security of supply and enabling renewable energy development.

Connecting with governments, investors, communities and partners, we realise the vision of a more sustainable future. By interconnecting energy markets, we lay a foundation for better tomorrow.

Europagrid’s strategy, its experienced management team and the European need for electricity security of supply and enabling infrastructure for clean, sustainable and dependable sources of energy position the Group well placed to achieve significant growth in the future.

We are independent power transmission development company specialising in the development of merchant subsea power transmission projects. Our engineers are actively developing a number of power transmission interconnector projects across Europe. We are ensuring security of supply, opening new markets and creating new opportunities for power trading.

Interconnectors and new transmission systems that link countries and smart HVDC networks that transport remote renewable energy sources to new markets.

These international interconnectors are key infrastructure which enable electricity to flow between markets, creating new markets and to unlock the potential of renewable energy sources in remote locations. As a developer of smart power transmission infrastructure utilising HVDC, we can also reinforce historic and existing infrastructure to cope with an ever changing power generation market.

At Europagrid, we have a clear vision of how to achieve security of energy supply and energy independence. In fact we are already doing it. Interconnectors developed by us are using a newest technology created specifically for the purpose of ensuring security of supply and cross border trade.

Professional Environment

Our holistic vision has been a magnet for attracting the best people in the business. As Europagrid continues to grow, we actively focus on attracting, motivating, challenging, developing and retaining talented leaders at all levels of the organisation. Europagrid has recruited some senior industry specialists in offshore transmission. We recognise that employees are key to Europagrid’s success.


Strong and long-term partnerships are the heart of our business and it is of utmost importance for us to keep approaching prospective partners while nurturing relationships with the present ones. It’s easier to work together rather than working in isolation. We believe that working together is the only way we can make our vision a reality. Over the years, Europagrid has established crucial partnerships with governments, investors and communities to realise the vision of more sustainable future.

Our unique approach, our visionary people and our operational expertise create a positive force in opening up new energy markets, ensuring security of supply and enabling renewable energy development.


Our planet is evolving rapidly and climate change is one of the single most important issues on the global agenda. Europe has reached a crossroads in terms of energy generation. It’s no longer sustainable for our energy resources to work in isolation.

But how can we reduce fossil fuel dependency, increase renewable energy generation, ensure security of supply and an effective European energy market?

The electricity interconnections between the different European countries were originally set up to enable the TSOs to help one another out if there was a sudden technical failure, and in the case of synchronous grids, to allow the frequency to be jointly regulated, they are now the cornerstone of the single market in electricity. They were never designed for crossborder trading in the first place.

However, the creation of a single European electricity market has come up against a major obstacle: the interconnections between Member States, which have a limited capacity, create bottlenecks that must be, if not cleared, at least reduced.

This requires both the development of the new transmission infrastructure and also more efficient use of the existing cross border capacity.


In Europe, interconnection is still very limited. The EU has identified a list of priority corridors and areas of significant congestion, and Europagrid has already identified a number of solutions for projects to alleviate these congestions.

Chronic congestion at existing cross border connection points has led to incredibly high energy prices. Historically, there has been a lack of investment in cross border capacity, which has placed a high value on new cross border interconnection.

We are working hard to relieve this congestion, developing interconnector projects which specifically target these priority areas. We develop these projects on a merchant basis.


Europe has big plans to develop large-scale offshore renewable generation and develop utility-scale solar in the coming years, with a view to both securing energy independence and meeting CO2 commitments. Europagrid is at the forefront of developing unique new transmission corridors to create and facilitate the large-scale integration of these new generation assets.

With our in-house expertise, we can build smart HVDC networks creating new energy corridors to transport energy from remote locations directly to areas of consumption. Europagrid’s knowledge and experience mean shorter time frames for project development and short response times to operational and maintenance needs. The ultimate solution.

We can’t control nature, but we can harness its natural resources and channel it effectively. With this as our mantra, Europagrid’s vision is to create an offshore pan-European Supergrid.

This will actively enable the development of large-scale remote sources of renewable generation, increase transmission of power throughout Europe and secure energy supply for future generations.

It’s no secret, we have brought together the best minds in the business and applied a very logical and straightforward approach to what we do.

As an independent developer of merchant interconnectors, our goal is to develop large-scale, offshore power transmission assets that provide a two-fold advantage:

  • Creating a vital core energy infrastructure for Europe
  • Providing our investors with a genuine low-risk investment opportunity

We offer to our investors:

  • Proven economic model
  • Organic growth cycle
  • Asset optimisation
“The single electricity market could not exist without electricity interconnections and the lack of a European electricity market, as for gas, weighs heavily on the internal market as a whole. This is why it is essential to optimize the use of interconnections and to invest in the ‘missing links’.”Andris Piebalgs – Former EU Commissioner for Energy

Entrepreneurial Approach

Entrepreneurial spirit means having the confidence to embrace the unknown and the conviction to truly believe in what you do. That’s what we’ve built our business on and as a consequence have led the way in HVDC interconnector development in Europe. We have several high profile projects in development, having secured a number of licenses and concessions from regulatory authorities. We have global expertise in the development of interconnectors, offshore power transmission assets and we are continuing to recruit the best industry talent.

Benefits for the Community

    Through our interconnectors we can provide much needed security of supply. Energy tariffs remain stable.

    Our interconnectors create new inroads into foreign markets. This allows new electricity companies to compete in new markets.

    Interconnectors are key to unlocking the potential of renewable energy. This will, in turn, increase the amount of available capacity without increasing CO2 emissions.

    Our technology enables existing power plants to work more efficiently. This is hugely important in terms of environmental protection. We work in close partnership with all our stakeholders to ensure that all of these benefits combine to bring us closer to a global sustainable future.

We channel energy through cutting edge technology. HVDC VSC projects are friendly to the environment with harmless DC magnetic fields, underground cables and a small footprint.

We use HVDC direct current transmission technology that has been well proven in other privately developed merchant projects around the world. It utilises the next generation of HVDC conversion technology called HVDC Light based on VSC (Voltage Sourced Converter), extruded polymer underground cables.
The converters have very fast AC/DC switching that isolate any power quality issues from the network. We also have the capability to control reactive power impacts on the network without the need for compensation. HVDC Light also has a very low contribution towards the short circuit rating of network equipment, further minimising network impacts.
This technology has a proven track record and ensures extremely high levels of availability – greater than 98%. It comprises two converter stations at either terminal, with an underground or submarine cable link between them.
Our converter stations are designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding architectural environment and are virtually maintenance free. That is why HVDC VSC projects are friendly to the environment with harmless DC magnetic fields, underground cables and a small foot print.
The combination of this innovative technology coupled with our unique marine capabilities is a successful template for the rapid deployment of subsea network assets across Europe.


The environmental impact of any major infrastructural project has to be carefully researched and considered. This is particularly important in the marine environment, where the delicate balance of the ecosystem must be respected. Through our use of established techniques and innovative materials and technologies, Europagrid minimises the environmental impact of its offshore projects.

Visual Impact – By laying and burying the cable along established areas and rights of way, we can reduce both the visual and environmental impact of our projects.

EMF – Our VSC HVDC Technology is environmentally benign. Because our cables do not emit fluctuating electromagnetic fields (EMFs), consist of an oil-free strong polymeric insulation material and are buried, this eliminates any possible health risks to humans.

Renewable Energy – We help reduce environmental damage by facilitating improved access to renewable energy from other markets.

Our unique approach, our visionary people and our operational expertise create a positive force in opening up new energy markets, ensuring security of supply and enabling renewable energy development. Europagrid creates projects that matter.

Active Development

Channel Cable

Channel Cable HVDC Interconnector is a major energy infrastructure initiative allowing the exchange of electricity between Great Britain and France. Approximately 130 kilometres in length and lying 90 meters beneath the English Channel, Channel Cable will enhance security of supply on both sides of the sea. Flexible hydro power and efficient nuclear from France and North West Europe will help to meet the peak demand in Great Britain, and facilitate trading of power between markets. This will lead to greater efficient use of existing generation resources.


Under Development



Europagrid’s large-scale project on a submarine electricity interconnection between Italy and North Africa for the exchange of renewable electricity between Europe and North Africa has been one of projects recognised and funded by the European Union as a “Project of European Interest”. The project answers a pressing issue Europe is facing in terms of energy generation, when it is no longer sustainable for European energy resources to work in isolation in Europe and it is needed to form alliances on other continents. Transnational interconnectors continue to be of the utmost priority for EU energy policy. The exploration of possible strategic Europe-North Africa interconnectors thus has been at the forefront of Europagrid’s focus in the past years.


OHM Energie is a new innovative company in smart energy networks and trading that aims to promote energy efficiency on the Czech market.